FPM Surgical & Dental Products

AEEDC Exhibitions:

To maintain the image it created, FPM started advertising its Products on unipoles, magazines, TV, radio, internet and it was the first time in Lebanon that a company advertises for dental products. As well as providing marketing items and posters to its clients to be displayed in their clinics. The Marketing expenditures for the year 2008-2009 were 96.600$. In July 2008, FPM launched its new product Ferrari Technology at Mont La Salle Club where 150 guests attended the event and was very successful. The event was covered by a national TV station and by one of the well known prestigious magazines. A press release was published in Mondanité September 2008 issue No139, and the launching was broadcasted during the news on OTV. In February 2010, FPM underwent a promotional campaign by sponsoring a morning show on the radio station for the whole month, using Beyond’s products as a sponsor, Pearl White toothpaste and Beyond Mouthwash. As well as displaying posters in Health Clubs and Pharmacies along with the distribution of flyers.

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