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Gives you and your patients the option of no-prep!

Patented LUMINEERS made of Cerinate Porcelain, due to their superior strength, can be made as thin as a contact lens and may be placed over existing teeth without removing sensitive tooth structure (unlike traditional techniques). LUMINEERS are perfect for stained, chipped, misaligned, or spaced teeth and are proven to last, in an on-going study, for over 20 years. It's the strongest porcelain available on the market today! The LUMINEERS philosophy is to preserve natural tooth structure whenever possible. When choosing LUMINEERS, most patients are ideal for no-prep or minimal cosmetic contouring (enameloplasty) only. Together, you and your patient can decide how much reduction is best. And, most importantly, LUMINEERS are beautiful and have given new vitality to over 300,000 patients around the world. Join the paradigm shift!

  • Clinically proven to last over 20 years
  • No shots
  • No sub gingival placement
  • No removal of painful tooth structure
  • No packing the cord patented Cerinate Porcelain
  • No temporaries
  • Less chair time than traditional placement
  • You can even bond LUMINEERS to existing porcelain crowns and bridgework, without having to replace them. It's the most significant advancement in 9,000 years of dentistry!
    Cerinate® porcelain is the only porcelain backed by evidence-based research demonstrating over 20 years of clinical success.
    In long term clinical research trials with LUMINEERS® made of Cerinate® Porcelain, Ultra-Bond® Resin Cement, and Tenure® Adhesives, they remain bonded for over 20 years. In other words, no debondings occurred, or none of the veneers came off. All LUMINEERS BY CERINATE either kept their original color or had only a slight change.
    For the dentist to practice the Lumineers, a certification is a must. This seminars will provide the dentist the full training for lumineers placement as well as all the information to accomplish a successful smile makeover.


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    The Sapphite Supreme PAC Light is the most advanced dental light available on the market today. With the ability to cure through porcelain, sustain cuing power at all probable curing distances, and whiten safely and effecively, the Sapphire Supreme Light is at work all day. Applications:

  • Curing restorations
  • Placing Lumineers by Cerinate
  • Full mouth bleaching
  • Advantages:

  • Safe, Efficient whitening
  • Does not emit harmful UV rays
  • No need for sunscreen or facemasks
  • Whitens teeth up to 86% more than with whitening gel alone
  • Achieve up to 7 shades whiter without sensitivity in just 30 minutes with the Sapphire Chairside
  • Get Dual-Cure Light Versatility with Sapphire Power conversion technology
  • Fast 3-5 second curing
  • Delivers the greatest total energy in the shortest time for the hardest composites
  • Focused beam of light for deep restoration curing-even through porcelain
  • Maintains greatest power at a distance
  • Focused beam of light deep restoration curing even through porcelain
  • Maintains greatest power at a distance
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